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Local H - Here Comes The Zoo Vinyl

Local H - Here Comes The Zoo Vinyl

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The fourth studio album from cult alternative rock duo LOCAL H, available for the first time EVER on limited edition vinyl! 20th-anniversary edition double vinyl is packaged in a gorgeous gatefold jacket with new artwork and contains the never-before-heard Jack Douglas mixes on Side D!  

All pre-orders include a free oversized Local H Dummy sticker while supplies last! 

All images are digital mockups — the final product may appear differently. No refunds or exchanges due to color variation in final press. 

For a limited time, G&P Records will be including the vinyl with an original HCTZ Palm Pictures CD, (includes the lenticular cover).

Pressing Info:

Custom Mixed Orange - (500) (Band Exclusive color)

Dummy sticker will be included while supplies last


Side A:

1. Hands On The Bible— 3:57

2. Half-Life — 3:40

3. Son Of “Cha!” — 3:17

4. 5th Ave. Crazy — 2:38

5. (Baby Wants To) Tame Me — 9:14

Side B: 

1. Rock & Roll Professionals — 4:07

2. Keep Your Girlfriend Away From Me — 3:10

3. Creature Comforted— 4:10

4. Bryn-Mawr Stomp— 2:42

Side C:

5. What Would You Have Me Do? — 25:15

Side D:

1. Hands On The Bible (Original Jack Douglas Mix)— 3:57

2. Son Of “Cha!” (Original Jack Douglas Mix)— — 3:17

3. Rock & Roll Professionals (Original Jack Douglas Mix)— — 4:06

4 Half-Life (Jack Douglas Rough Mix)— — 3:40

5. (Baby Wants To) Tame Me (Jack Douglas Rough Mix)— — 8:30

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